I want to thankRajah Eco Beach!🙏For your service, for eternal smiles!🥰For making us healthy,Cleaned all our cells!👍For getting relaxation ☘️In such difficult times for the world!🥺For your help and patience💞After all, it’s difficult with us sometimes!😉I just fell asleep right away😴Massage feet, face and head,🧖‍♀️And I inhaled the aromas of herbs in the Steem bath!🛀Oh how right you are, 👌👏What you need to eat right,🥙🥦Go to bed and get up early,What you need to do yoga,🧘‍♀️Be positive and don’t be discouraged‼️🧑Massage with bags cleaned my joints,🦵💪Purgation cleaned out my intestines🔥Now I'm jumping, flying🦋Like a butterfly or a grasshopper🦗And the powder massage is so magical🔥After all, it produces a 3 in 1 effect:Massage and scrub and weight loss👏👍One sheer pleasure!🧖‍♀️Rinse your eyes, it’s a little unpleasant,😏But the sharpness appeared - just great 👍For all your hard work and patienceThank you again now ♥🙏I thank Shini, Mini,Jasmine, Adida, all doctors👏🙏♥And of course Inna,💞Without her our vacation would have been bad😊I liked nature and animals🏝️It’s like I was in a zoo🐂🦊🦇It's a pity the sea was a bit dirty 😔But the sunsets are just like in your avatar!🌅Author of the poem:Betekhtina Anna(Almaty, Kazakhstan)😘With the support of a group of like-minded people: Dilhumar Akhmetova, Olga Ageeva, Olesya Vasilyevich, Natalia and Alexander ♥🥰. ( Almaty, Kazakhstan)October 15, 2023
Indu mathi SurajhIndu mathi Surajh
16:39 10 Oct 23
Happiest place on Earth to be at for health and well-being. You are sure to be pampered, detoxed, cared and sent as a healthier and wiser version of yourself.
Tamil YogaTamil Yoga
13:21 08 Sep 23
Very good place